Essential cookware for the home

Written by Costbuys

There are times when we feel that we are missing something in the kitchen. This is usually in the middle of cooking a meal. We wish we had a pan or a pot that would make the current task easier, or some kind of kitchen gadget. This guide will list out all the essential cookware for a home kitchen, so that will never be a problem again. Most of these are available at any online shopping portal.

One note before we begin is space. If your kitchen is short on space, you’ll need to get creative when it comes to finding gadgets. Adding a mobile kitchen island, magnetic racks for pans or knives, and hooks where you can hang important gadgets you use frequently will help. Also, store any barbecue gear outside, where it’s likely to get more use and take up a lot less space.

Small saucepan with a lid

This pan should be the workhorse in any kitchen. They are available in 2 or 3-quart sizes. In terms of cooking, use this to make pasta, grains, boiling or even steaming vegetables. The best online shopping deals will make these very affordable. You’ll quickly find that there are many materials available, and choosing the right one is really up to you. Stainless steel is probably some of the best you can buy for your money. It has good heat distribution, and it’s easy to keep clean. You just have to order some kind of cleaner, such as “Bar Keepers friend” if you plan to go this route and want to keep things shiny.

Large pot or saucepan with lid

Every household should have at least one large pot. Typical use cases are soups, sauces, chicken stock or pasta. Especially useful when bulk cooking to freeze. Large pots really open up the culinary possibilities, so it’s important to get one but they don’t really require you spending a lot of money. A cast iron that is relatively inexpensive should do the job.

Medium sauté pan with lid

The difference between a normal pan and sauté pan are the straight edges. They are typically larger than normal pans. Use this pan for sauces and searing meat. The straight edges will keep everything in the pan, but this is where materials become important. Ceramic can be nice when you’re looking for a sauté pan, because ceramic pans don’t stick and provide great heat distribution. Teflon pans are another great solution, just be sure you know how to wash and maintain them without scratching the metal.

Medium nonstick skillet

This is the breakfast pan of choice when making eggs, omelets, pancakes and frittatas. The main thing to remember is never to use these pans for high heat. Under high heat, the coating can separate and cause food to stick, ruining the pan. When buying products in stages, this and the small saucepan should be the first two items purchased.


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