Accompanying a Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes

Written by Gelato Products

Chocolate cakes are great desserts to have and they often suffice in themselves. However, should you wish to add a little bit of edge to your dessert, especially if you are serving that for a special dinner, you might want to accompany the cake with other side desserts.

Whipped Cream

For instance, a chocolate cake can be accompanied by a portion of whipped cream. The light and airy cream would complement the cake. You might also consider serving some caramel sauce with the dessert. Chocolate sauce is also a good accompaniment.

Gelato or Ice Cream

In summer, a good accompaniment to the chocolate cake is undeniably the ice cream. There are various sorts of ice cream that you might go for. For instance, the gelato is a more traditional artisan ice cream. If you have gelato suppliers in your vicinity, you might consider ordering from them. Frozen yogurt can also be purchased from frozen yogurt suppliers.

Mascarpone Cream

Mascarpone is a rich Italian cream-cheese like dairy. It is excellent when eaten cold or with whipped cream alongside cakes. Crushed nuts or biscuit crumbs can also be added to mascarpone cream for an added crunchiness. The mascarpone is quite rich and is best served in small portions.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is more traditionally American and can be whipped either with caramel sauce or honey to be sweetened. This particular type of cheese has a quite tangy taste which accompanies the sweet taste of the chocolate cake perfectly. Cream cheese goes well with fruits such as berries and peaches.

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