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Great Ice Cream Gifts to Give Friends This Summer

Summer is officially upon us, and there’s no better time to break out the gelato cups and spoons. If you’re ice cream obsessed, then you love the many ways there are to serve the tasty treat. If you’re looking for gifts to give friends this summer, share your love of ice cream with something delicious everyone can enjoy. Here are some of the most popular frozen gifts that anyone will love.
Ice Cream Shipped to You
What better way to share a love of ice cream than hand choosing some flavors to send to friends and family. A variety of services online have sprung up with multiple ways to ship ice cream to someone. Frozen goods will need to be sent within 48 hours to be enjoyed in time, and there is usually an additional cost for shipping. That’s because these companies need to package the ice cream with some kind of insulation to keep it fresh on arrival.
It almost never arrives melted, but it might not arrive ready to eat either depending on the heat. Sometimes, on particularly hot days, it’s worth it to pay for overnight shipping. Look for packs of different flavors to save money on handmade ice cream, and send the frozen yogurt spoons separately.
Custom-Printed Cups and Spoons
Ordering custom-printed cups isn’t as expensive as you might think. The print can be applied directly to plastic, so the cups will last a long time if they aren’t used in the dishwasher. You can print cups with the name of each person on them, or some kind of cute memory of years gone by.
You can also order gelato cups and spoons in a variety of patterns and designs. You’ll quickly find ice cream cone shapes, cute ice cream themed bowls and even interesting spoons that combine a straw for when the ice cream begins to melt.
DIY Ice Cream
If you don’t want to spend the money on shipping frozen ice cream, then the do-it-yourself alternative will suffice. Kits are available online for a very modest amount of money. The kits usually contain instructions and equipment, the actual ingredients come from the local super market. The process is relatively simple, depending on the device you’re using. If you’re really passionate about ice cream, a hand crank is one of the most effective ice cream makers you can get. It’s all manual, run on elbow grease, but it offers a taste and consistency that is hard to match.
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Supplying Your Ice Cream Shop

Owning a business is both expensive and time-consuming. Here are some tips on how you should supply your store properly.

Scoops of Various Ice Creams
Scoops of Various Ice Creams

If you have plans on running an ice cream shop of your own, then there are plenty of supplies that you’re going to need to buy. Assuming that you’ve already leased out a building and are now left with the bare emptiness of a building, you’re going to have to look at ice cream machine distributors as well as figure out all of the flavors that you’re going to include on your menu. Don’t forget that you can purchase customized ice cream or frozen yogurt supplies that have your brand on imprinted on the side.

Brand awareness is crucial in the industry, especially when you’re competing with so many well-known brands that have already taken the market by storm. Be sure to check out the demographics of your area as well as weather considerations. Not many people are going to go to your business if it’s always cold and rainy. You’d be setting yourself up for failure if you believe that you can still prevail in those conditions.

Once you’ve supplied your store with ice cream or frozen yogurt cups, various flavors, and the proper machines, you’re going to have to look at the business end of the shop. You’ll need employees that have an open schedule and that are, most importantly, trustworthy. Your employees could prove to make a huge difference when it comes to making the experience worthwhile for your customers. By slowly getting your name out there, your shop could potentially the “next big thing”.

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Things to Remember When Starting Your Own Ice Cream Business

Have you ever dreamed of opening up your own ice cream business? With adequate research and a solid business plan, the potential to obtain huge dividends is a realistic one. Here are some detailed tips that will help you get started on your entrepreneurial adventure.

Consider Franchising Opportunities
Take a look at possible franchising opportunities. There are many up-and-coming businesses that could potentially land you a large paycheck. Though some franchises require some serious upfront capital, it could all be worth it when the cash flow is working in your favor. Starting your own business grants you the freedom to invest as much as you can afford. A solid and well drawn-out business plan will get you proper funding from financiers.
Cater to their Interests
Take a look at the demographics and other ice cream businesses near your area. By doing this you can get an idea of what is in demand, interests, age groups, etc. For example, choosing an area that is big on healthy living, your safest best would be a business serving non-fat items.
Obtain a Permit
Research your city’s health policies and requirements on how to obtain a permit. Be sure to do this before you look into renting a space. With this information, you can choose what place to invest into without having hidden costs.
Choose What Direction You Want to Take
Developing your menu is crucial for your success. There are many routes that you can go and this is where the business owner decides what direction he or she wants to take.
Make a list of products that you will need. Do your research online and find a cost-efficient, but trusted, distributor that carries a variety of ice cream shop supplies.
Find Your Brand
Create an image for you and your business. If you are running an ice cream shop, you would want to make a theme that people can associate with. Ice cream spoons are one thing that you can customize to help people identify you by. All it takes is a smart, simple logo to create a lifelong impression.
Standing Out
Many franchises place a huge logo on their ice cream cups. Coupled with a friendly color scheme, their goal is to stand apart from the competition. This can be easily achieved with some creative planning.
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