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Hot Chocolate and Pastries of Angelina Tea House

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

It would not be wrong to refer Paris as the heaven of chocolate lovers, especially when Angelina Tea House, that is located in rue de Rivoli just across Tuileries garden, has one of the best hot chocolates that you have ever tasted.

Angelina’s hot chocolate is a secret blend of the finest cocoa from Africa. The drink uses the cocoa from different sources in Africa, which make its taste, quite unique. You can order a pitcher with steamed milk with it. If you only have time for one thing at the Angelina Tea House, this would be it.

Among the delicious treasures of Angelina, there is also the famous Le Mont-Blanc pastry. It is a very simple patisserie made of; cream cheese, meringue and chestnut cream. The ingredients are folded in such a way that it gives this pastry a crunchy yet creamy finish. You can enjoy the irresistible combination of the hot chocolate and Mont-blanc.

Angelina tea house also boasts of a wide variety of pastries and sweets. Mont blanc cupcakes, citrus tart, orange, and a passion fruit cream; candy citrus and curved mango wedge topped with honey meringue and a variety of choux pastry products layered in a golden white and dark chocolate creme are the main features in the pastry collection.

Take a trip to Angelina Tea House, and enjoy two of the best dishes you will ever taste, along with the rich history and spectacular décor of the place.

How to open an Ice Cream Parlor business?

Summary: An ice cream parlor should cater to all ages. When starting out, make sure to look at how your business will run, analyze your competition, find a good location, and hire friendly staff.

Customers of all ages love ice cream, and therefore an ice cream parlor should cater to adults, teenagers, and young children. Here are tips that should be considered before opening an ice cream business.

Structure your ice cream parlor business – Firstly decide how your business will run. Look at options like sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and subchapter S corporations. Speak to your city or county’s office about permits and the state department on sales tax licenses.

List your ice cream parlor competition – Look at creating a list of ice cream parlors that are in your city or nearby town. Visit these businesses and note down their décor, menu options, and customer service practices to understand your competition.

Lease a visible and accessible location – Look at a location that has easy access to the main road with sufficient parking. Locations near a children’s clothing store, family restaurants or a school are all good choices.

Publish your ice cream parlor menu – Create a menu that caters to everyone. Look at including waffle cones, sundaes, floats, coffee and a few savory

Order your furniture and equipment – Furnishing your space with nostalgic ice cream parlor furniture is a good choice as such seating is comfortable and provides a suitable setting to enjoy your product.

Hire outgoing and efficient staff – Friendly employees who are fast will make for a smooth service. Offer your employees a comprehensive training that will help them follow your procedures and processes.

A successful ice cream business is one that looks at all areas from the frozen yogurt cups to unique flavors and combinations. According to Gelato Products, a comprehensive business plan is key to ensuring a new ice cream business remains in the market.

Written by Gelato Products. They offer a wide range of products including frozen yogurt cups and related accessories.

Elements of a dessert table

Written by Gelato Products

Wowing your guests is always on the minds of any good host. Adding a dessert table is a good way to make your breakfast, lunch or dinner party a memorable one. Here are some tips on how to make a designer worthy dessert table.

Select a theme – Look at color schemes for your event and create a simple backdrop for your dessert table. A fabric backdrop is a popular choice. Instead of buying fabric you could use old drapes, a shower curtain or an old tablecloth. You could also set up your table in front of a brick wall or in the garden where your trees and flowers will make a natural backdrop.

Create symmetry – To create symmetry, start by deciding on a centerpiece. This could be a simple layer cake on a stand. You should then visit an ice cream shop supplies store and buy spoons and bowls that match your theme. Place these items on one side of the table.

White – White is a good choice for serving platters, plates and cake stand, as they are neutral and can be used again for other events.

Paper elements – To make sure your guests know what they are serving, create dessert labels and signs with paper in your theme and colors. You could even print personalized frozen yogurt cups and spoons with funny sayings that your guests can take home as keepsakes.

Gelato Products has everything you need for your ice cream parlor, including tasting spoons and other ice cream shop supplies.