Variations of Chocolate Gelatos

Written by Gelato Products

Chocolate is one of the most widespread flavors in gelatos along with vanilla. However, variations in chocolate flavors are numerous when it comes to gelatos. Chocolate goes so well with a wide range of other ingredients that the pairings are almost endless. Some atypical flavor pairings such as chocolate and hot peppers can even be found in some gelato shops.

Cioccolato fondente

This is the gelato flavor for dark chocolate lovers. Another more edgy flavor would be the cioccolato fondente extra noir. This is the darkest chocolate gelato available and is quite bitter.

Cioccolato Al Latte

If for some reason you do not like the flavor of dark chocolate, you might instead go for the cioccolato al latte, this is mostly made out of milk chocolate.


Another flavor to go for would be the bacio. This flavor is named after a famous chocolate candy which hails from the region of Perugia. The bacio combines the flavor of the chocolate with that of the hazelnut and tastes quite similar to the nutella. Bits of hazelnuts can also be found in the gelato mixture.

Gianduja or Gianduia

This is a popular gelato flavor in the Piedmont region and can now be found in various gelato shops throughout the whole. This is a creamy combination of hazelnut and milk chocolate but tastes quite different to the bacio since the texture is different.

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