Chocolate Cake Batter Gelato

Written by Gelato Products

Cake batter gelatos are creamy and perfect for those who enjoy the taste of ice-creams such as cookie dough ice-cream. This particular gelato has a creamy and an instantly melt-in-the mouth texture that would be enjoyed by kids and grownups alike.

As the gelato has a soft consistency, it would be advisable to eat it quickly before the dessert melts. This might not be so much of a disadvantage as gelatos taste so good. These kind of ice-creams are not meant to be eaten in a cones mainly because they melt so quickly. If you are feeling extra festive, you might also think about serving the gelato in frozen yogurt paper cups.

Gelatos have originated from Italy and in fact gelato is the italian word for ice-cream. These are mainly composed of milk, cream and various sugars as well as flavorings. The basis of the gelato is eggs. Eggs act as the stabilizing base and they are first cooked in a custard or zabaione and then the flavor is added before the mixture is churned into gelato.

Cake batter gelatos, especially chocolate cake batter gelatos are typical American flavors that might not be found in Italy from gelato suppliers and makers. If you are used to making gelatos at home, you might consider giving chocolate cake batter gelatos a try. This would surely please chocolate cake and ice-cream lovers at home.

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