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Important aspects to consider when opening your own Ice Cream-Gelato Business

Written by Gelato Products

If you are considering starting your own Ice Cream-Gelato business, there are some important aspects you should look into before creating a business plan and looking into funding.

  1. Products – When it comes to ice cream, your options could include organic, all natural products or high fat premium ice creams.

  1. Location – You could sell your products at a high street store, a farm shop, wholesale or together with a bookstore or beauty parlour.

  1. Equipment – You will requite display freezers, if you’re looking at your own store. If not, you could consider selling your products from a trike, an old fashioned barrow or from a delivery van/ truck.
  2. Containers – You will need to look at how you will store your products. If you own a store, you will need steel ice cream containers. On the other hand if you are selling your ice cream from a truck or van you will need ice cream cups, similar to frozen yogurt cups, to serve your products. For customers who like their ice cream in a cone, you could consider making your own waffle cones or buying pre-made cones.

  1. Recipe and cost – Fine tune your recipe and calculate your cost. You will have to ensure that your serving sizes are costed and your retail and wholesale price points cover all your costs and includes a profit.

  1. Selling additional products – If you consider selling other products like drinks, coffee or fancy toppings, you will need to purchase all equipment and ingredients for those items as well. For example, if you are offering drinks from your ice cream van, you will have to purchase an automatic drink mixer machine and white paper cups.


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Supplying Your Ice Cream Shop

Owning a business is both expensive and time-consuming. Here are some tips on how you should supply your store properly.

Scoops of Various Ice Creams
Scoops of Various Ice Creams

If you have plans on running an ice cream shop of your own, then there are plenty of supplies that you’re going to need to buy. Assuming that you’ve already leased out a building and are now left with the bare emptiness of a building, you’re going to have to look at ice cream machine distributors as well as figure out all of the flavors that you’re going to include on your menu. Don’t forget that you can purchase customized ice cream or frozen yogurt supplies that have your brand on imprinted on the side.

Brand awareness is crucial in the industry, especially when you’re competing with so many well-known brands that have already taken the market by storm. Be sure to check out the demographics of your area as well as weather considerations. Not many people are going to go to your business if it’s always cold and rainy. You’d be setting yourself up for failure if you believe that you can still prevail in those conditions.

Once you’ve supplied your store with ice cream or frozen yogurt cups, various flavors, and the proper machines, you’re going to have to look at the business end of the shop. You’ll need employees that have an open schedule and that are, most importantly, trustworthy. Your employees could prove to make a huge difference when it comes to making the experience worthwhile for your customers. By slowly getting your name out there, your shop could potentially the “next big thing”.

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Serve Your Food with the Best Supplies for Best Results

By Gelato Products

Your business can fail for a number of reasons, especially when you’re trying to run a restaurant. Everyone has different tastes, even if you run a gelato shop. You’d think it would be easier this way, but the truth is that there are all kinds of reasons your dream of running a gelato shop could, sadly, fail.

Geletoproducts1This is why you can’t leave anything to chance. For this reason, the most successful restaurants out there know that they need to invest in top notch supplies. In the world of Italian ice cream, that means pan liner lids, spoons and other hugely important gelato supplies.

Think about it: this is how you get your food to your customers’ mouths without something hurting the product. You’d’ hate to pay for amazing gelato for your customers only to have something like a spoon or the cardboard on your bowl make it taste like anything other than the best.

So take a little extra time when picking out supplies for your gelato shop and invest as much as you can in them. While it will definitely mean more overhead for the moment, eventually, you’ll love the results: happy customers and lots of repeat business for years to come.


If you have your own gelato restaurants, it’s going to take more than just great products. That’s what Gelato Products is for: everything from gelato pan liners to cups to spoons and forks, you’ll find it all here.