Top 5 Mediterranean Foods You Should Try

Mediterranean food is known for its fresh ingredients and association with health benefits such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol, along with a lower risk for cardiovascular disease. If you want to adopt a Mediterranean diet for a healthier lifestyle or if you just want to experience the rich traditions and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, here are the top five foods you should try.


 If you’ve ever seen a slab of roasted meat stacked in the shape of an inverted cone at a Mediterranean restaurant, you are familiar with the dish known as shawarma. Meat such as lamb, chicken, turkey, or beef is roasted in this manner before cooks cut thin slices from the meat and serve it. Shawarma is perfect for serving alongside pita bread and other types of flatbread.


Kebab refers to a type of ground meat typically cooked on a skewer. However, kebabs can also be cooked in a pan, grilled, or served in a stew known as tas kebab. Combining the juicy meat of kebabs with the strong flavor of vegetables on a skewer is a tantalizing experience for many food enthusiasts all over the world.


Moussaka is one of the more uncommon entries on this list, consisting of ground meat combined with eggplants or potatoes in a manner reminiscent of lasagna. Part of the joy of eating moussaka is tasting all of the distinctive layers that make up the dish. You may also notice a hint of cinnamon that gives moussaka a unique, unmistakable flavor.


Gyros are a type of wrap made using meat and pita bread, made famous by the spread of Greek cuisine throughout the world. There is some overlap between shawarma and this popular Greek dish, as beef and lamb are used to make gyros in some countries. However, gyros in Greece are traditionally made from pork or chicken with vegetables and yogurt sauce. For this reason, you may get a different type of gyro depending on where you order one.


Pizza lovers may enjoy this type of flatbread that is topped with ingredients such as cheese, meat, and spices. This delightful treat is often paired with other ingredients including olive oil, hummus, and shakshouka sauce. You can find this much-loved dish at restaurants such as Manakish Oven & Grill, which provides Middle Eastern food in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Concord, CA and catering for Mediterranean food in Concord, CA and neighboring cities.