Different types of cookware

Written by Costbuys

When buying cookware, especially when shopping online, it is important to pick the right type of cookware for what you are cooking. Roasting, sautéing all require different types of cookware and fats. Here is a look at the three main types of cookware:

Stainless steel

Most cooks believe that everything should be cooked on stainless steel cookware unless it can be done better in another or requires high temperatures. Stainless is not non-stick by default, but it can be if there is enough fat to ensure that the food does not stick and there is sufficient heat.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron cookware is for non-stick cooking. However, avoid cooking anything acidic. It is perfect for cooking anything that goes from the stove to the oven like braises and stews. Cast iron pans also require a decent amount maintenance to remain seasoned. A well-seasoned pan has a polymer coating that has developed that acts as a non-stick surface. Cast iron will last you the longest and when discount shopping will also be the cheapest of all the options.


These a preferred for any finicky type of food that might stick. For example, eggs and maybe even fish are better cooked in a Teflon coated non-stick pan. It is remarkably consistent. However, be warned that anything acidic and charring of food will cause the non-stick coating to disintegrate. Most kitchens will have at least two relatively shallow non-stick frying pans.

Ideally, owning various sizes of all three is the best approach to take.


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How to host a Gelato tasting party

Written by Gelato Products

Gelato is a great addition to a party as it is different from your usual ice cream, custard or frozen dessert. Since gelato is packed with flavor pair it with fresh fruit, wine, and coffee. Here are a few tips on how to host a gelato tasting party.

Create a functional tablescape for your party – You can do this by draping your table with a bright tablecloth, add white paper cups to serve your gelato and napkins to match. You could also include small dessert dishes and tiny spoons so that guests can taste all the flavors.

Keep your dessert cold – Do this by investing in a few pan lids and liners. This way you can stock many flavors in your freezer without running out of space. You will also have to have a cooler on hand to keep your gelato cold, once you are serving your guests.

Flavors – Choose flavors that are different, for example, consider flavors like lime, pistachio, dark chocolate and coffee. You can include a bowl of cut fresh fruit and nuts, for additional flavor and texture.

Beverages – Serve a selection of wines that will pair well with your gelato flavors. For example, a sweet rose will pair well with a citrus flavored gelato. Fresh coffees can be a welcome addition because they provide contrast with the cold gelato. Serve small shots of espresso, and pair it with dark chocolate or nut flavored gelato.


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Great Ice Cream Gifts to Give Friends This Summer

Summer is officially upon us, and there’s no better time to break out the gelato cups and spoons. If you’re ice cream obsessed, then you love the many ways there are to serve the tasty treat. If you’re looking for gifts to give friends this summer, share your love of ice cream with something delicious everyone can enjoy. Here are some of the most popular frozen gifts that anyone will love.
Ice Cream Shipped to You
What better way to share a love of ice cream than hand choosing some flavors to send to friends and family. A variety of services online have sprung up with multiple ways to ship ice cream to someone. Frozen goods will need to be sent within 48 hours to be enjoyed in time, and there is usually an additional cost for shipping. That’s because these companies need to package the ice cream with some kind of insulation to keep it fresh on arrival.
It almost never arrives melted, but it might not arrive ready to eat either depending on the heat. Sometimes, on particularly hot days, it’s worth it to pay for overnight shipping. Look for packs of different flavors to save money on handmade ice cream, and send the frozen yogurt spoons separately.
Custom-Printed Cups and Spoons
Ordering custom-printed cups isn’t as expensive as you might think. The print can be applied directly to plastic, so the cups will last a long time if they aren’t used in the dishwasher. You can print cups with the name of each person on them, or some kind of cute memory of years gone by.
You can also order gelato cups and spoons in a variety of patterns and designs. You’ll quickly find ice cream cone shapes, cute ice cream themed bowls and even interesting spoons that combine a straw for when the ice cream begins to melt.
DIY Ice Cream
If you don’t want to spend the money on shipping frozen ice cream, then the do-it-yourself alternative will suffice. Kits are available online for a very modest amount of money. The kits usually contain instructions and equipment, the actual ingredients come from the local super market. The process is relatively simple, depending on the device you’re using. If you’re really passionate about ice cream, a hand crank is one of the most effective ice cream makers you can get. It’s all manual, run on elbow grease, but it offers a taste and consistency that is hard to match.
Gelato Products offers free domestic shipping within the continental US, and no minimum orders on gelato cups and spoons.